Renovation: opportunity instead of deal-breaker

In Paris a lot of the apartments that come to the market need to be renovated or freshened up to bring them back in an impeccable contemporary state. The demanded sales price is often lower to reflect this.


You may fear  the hassle that comes along with such renovations. Other home searchers see it as a threat too, and often they will not present you with these opportunities.


With ParisScarabee Househunters by contrast these apartments are an opportunity. With our network of affordable renovation companies, architects, decorators we can do any renovation for you.  In a relatively short span of time. Together with you, we will work out a plan, to your personal taste, Parisian style, romantic, contemporary design, elegant, robust..... ? A tailor-made approach.


If you wish, we stay involved throughout all the refreshening, renovation or decorating work and closely monitor and control the process and budget as if it were our own apartment. We provide you with our feedback and progress report (with photo's) upon each site visit, inspection or meeting with the suppliers.  


Often, you will earn back the renovation cost as a result of a lower energy consumption, quicker renting of your apartment, at a higher rent, a higher occupancy rate, or a quicker and better sale in the future.

Photo gallery: before and after renovation