You know in advance what you will pay us: no surprises


ParisScarabee Househunters only charge our services on a pre-agreed and transparant fee basis. We work on a no-cure no-pay basis: if you dont buy a property, you dont pay us the search fee.


Retainer fee: 1.000 Euros


However, we do invoice you upfront a retainer fee of 1.000 Euros. This is to cover part of our out of pocket costs in the initial phase and to make sure you are serious about your search too.


For this amount, we search for you up to six months. It may include as many as three days of apartment visits. During these days we may visit up to 12 properties per day.


If you decide not to buy, you still owe us this retainer fee. But if you buy, we deduct it from our final search fee.


Search fee: a percentage related to your purchase price


The amount of our final search fee depends on the complexity of the search and the level of services you would expect and need from us. Only after you have bought the property (no-cure no-pay), we charge you our search fee. This is our real remuneration. It covers all our services described under step 1 through 3 of our 4-step ParisScarabee Househunters search approach*. It could be a percentage of the purchase price, which we agree in advance with you:


As a guideline we charge the following percentage of the purchase price: 

• Purchase price from 1 to 300.000 Euro: 5%

• Purchase price from 300.001 to 450.000 Euro: 4%

• Purchase price from 450.001 to 600.000 Euro: 3%

• Beyond 600.000 Euro: 3% or otherwise to be discussed prior to the search.


We may also agree in advance a fixed price for our search with you, so it won't vary with the purchasing price you finally pay: a fee cap.


Of course we deduct the retainer fee of 1.000 euros from your final search fee invoice.  


Managing your renovation: hourly rate


If your property needs renovation, step 4 of  the 4-step ParisScarabee Househunters search approach*, this could be the next project. We will sit down with you to ascertain your wishes.


We charge you an hourly fee for all work that is related to the renovation, from a to z.


a) For customers who have found and bought the flat with us, our rate is 80 Euros per hour (ex VAT).


b) For customers who want our assistance for renovating a flat in the acquisition of which we were not involved, our rate will be higher. We gladly make a proposal upon request.


If you prefer to have a fixed price, we can agree on a price cap for the entire renovation project.


On all our invoices we must by French tax law add 20 or 10% French VAT depending on the nature of our services and the type of use of the apartment ("habitation").


Do you want more legal info about us and our services?


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